Trichomonas vaginalis is a causative agent of Trichomonasis a leading non-viral sexually transmitted disease worldwide. The pathogen induces local inflammation of the lower genitourinary tract, can be involved in premature labour, low birth weight and facilitates HIV-1 transmission via sexual intercourse. Trichomoniasis affects both male and female which higher prevalence in females in both developed and developing countries. The estimated number of new T. vaginalis infections accounts for 276.4 million cases globally as reported by WHO which is an increase by 11% in comparison to reports from 2005. Depending on the individual immune status the symptoms are exhibited many a time’s asymptomatic individual serves as a reservoir. Epidemiological studies show an increase in two to three fold HIV infection risk with Trichomoniasis. Due to the synergy with HIV infection and increase in reports of drug resistance it is pivotal to understand the basic survival principles of the parasite. In our lab we are trying to understand role of heat shock protein in growth and virulence of Trichomonas.

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